TLCo Printing from iPhone to copiers

How to print from your IPhone

1.Make sure that you are on Landings Company wi-fi network.

2.Go to the App Store and search for Canon print apps.Install Canon Print Business.


3.Open the Canon Business Print app.Choose the + (add printer) button on the top left of the screen.


4.Press the Auto Search (Wi-Fi) button.


5.These two printers should show up from your search.The top printer is the Canon black & white and the second is the Canon color printer. Tap the printer that you plan to use as your default.


6.How you print a document will vary slightly depending on what app is used to open it.Generally, there will be a menu available in the upper right side of the screen (3 dots).Open the menu and you should get an option to print.


7.After you press the print button, a screen like this will display the printer that you chose as your default.You can set print option if necessary than then hit print.