Updating Holiday Message Rules in RingCentral

To update the rule associated witha special Holiday Closure message follow these steps:

Go to https://service.ringcentral.com and log in with an account that has admin permissions.

Then click on Phone System, then Auto-Receptionist, Then IVR-Settings.


Scroll donw to Custome Answering Rules and click Custom Rule


Scroll down to see the rule that is already created and click the Edit link on the right side of that row


Click Next


Click the down arrow on the right side of Date and/or Time


Change the start and end date/time, then click Next


Then Click Save

Then use the toggle switch to turn the rule on, then cick the X to close the window.


Your rule is now updated and activated.

Be sure your message has been updated to reflect the correct dates and times.

If you need further assistance, send an email to the Celestial Business Solutions help desk at helpdesk@celestialbiz.com