RingCentral Call Log - Reading


Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral account.

Step 2:

Click Call Log.


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Forwarding Number.[/td]TransferOutgoing call to another extension within the account (transfer call from one extension to another).RingOut WebOutgoing call using the RingOut feature from your RingCentral Online Account.RingOut PCOutgoing call using the RingOut feature on the RingCentral Desktop App.RingOut MobileOutgoing call using the RingOut feature on the RingCentral Mobile app.Phone LoginA log in to your RingCentral account via phone via RingCentral Interactive Voice Response.Calling CardOutgoing call using the RingCentral Virtual Calling Card feature.
The Result column can be interpreted as follows:

AcceptedThe incoming call was accepted by the extension it rang or was forwarded to.
BusyThe extension that is being attempted to ring was busy. This means the user is on Do Not Disturb.
Call ConnectedThis shows an outbound call was connected to the dialed number. This happens after the status "Accepted" on an incoming call and indicates which phone in a sequence of phones took the call.
Hang UpThis means the inbound caller hung up before being successfully connected.
In ProgressThis is an inbound or outbound call that is occurring at the moment while viewing the logs.
(Keep in mind that call logs do not refresh automatically on your web browser. If a call is ended while viewing the logs the logs may still state that the call is “In Progress” until refreshed.)
IP Phone OfflineThe softphone or desk phone the Extension attempted to ring is offline or not connected to the RingCentral servers.
MissedThe call rang the extension and no device under that extension answered the call.
No AnswerThis applies to individual IP devices that rang but did not answer.
StoppedThis is found under a call queue or sequence of phones in a user extension. It indicates that these phones stopped ringing because the call was answered on another device.
VoicemailThe inbound call rang to or was sent directly to voicemail.
International DisabledThis was an attempted international call that was blocked due to lack of permissions on the account level.
RejectedThe inbound call was either sent directly to voicemail or blocked.
Wrong NumberAn Internal extension dialed an outside number that does not exist or is no longer in service.

Here are some examples that illustrate how the Call Log can be interpreted.

Example: Call Log for Call Queue

We have 2 calls for the example below:

Sample Call 1:

We received an incoming call from (650) 458-5579, and the caller dialed our number (857) 203-7722. We have 2 agents answering phone calls and that would be John Smith and Lilly Brown. The call was routed to the both of them at the same time. Lilly on Ext-109 answered the call. RingCentral stopped the attempt to reach Ext 101 since Ext 109 has picked up the call.


Sample Call 2:

We received an incoming call from (650) 000-0000, and the caller dialed our number (888) 888-8888. The caller pressed extension 5 to reach the Customer Service Department. We have 2 agents answering phone calls for our Customer Service Queue and that would be John Smith and Britney Aguilera. The call was routed to the both of them at the same time. Britney on Ext 102 has 3 forwarding numbers, 2 phones are set to do-not-disturb. John on Ext 101 has 2 devices but answered the call through his RingCentral desktop app.


Example: Call Log User

Sample 1: John dialed Ext 5039 from his Polycom IP Phone and the call was connected successfully.

Sample 2: John dialed a number from his IP Phone and the call was connected successfully.

Sample 3: John received a call from a number and picked it up through his IP Phone. He then transferred the call to Ext 102.

Sample 4: John received a transferred call from Ext 102 which he answered through his IP Phone.

Log in to the RingCentral Online account.

Step 2:

Click Call Log.


proceed to Step 6.

Steps 3 to 5.
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Support or your Account Manager to have this feature enabled.

Follow the steps below to learn how you can download your Call Log.

Step 1:

Click the Type of ViewSimple or Detailed.

Step 2:

Filter the information that you wish to include in the Call Log Report.

Go to the Filtering Call Log section for detailed instructions.

Step 3:

Click Download.

Step 4:

Call Log (xls) is selected by default.

Select what needs to be downloaded: Call Log or Recorded Calls or both (check both Call Log and Recorded Calls).

If you select Recorded Calls (mp3), Automatic Call Recordings will also be downloaded.

Click Download to save the file on your computer.

NOTE: If Background Call Log feature is disabled, you will not be able to exit from the current window until the download gets completed. Go to Step 5 if you have Background Call Log enabled.